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Expression of Self has not only been my personal life's Journey, it is part of my mission.

To bring activation and guidance for others to come to a place where they can fully

reconnect & express themselves and their essence. This is why i do what I do.

Looking forward to connect with you on this journey of expansion!

Much love,

Hester de Vries



My name is Hester and in 2021 I started Expression of Self after being asked to share my art and channeling with the world. In the years before and since I have been on a deep personal journey of healing, remembering and integration. What started as a sudden kundalini awakening turned into a proces of consious expansion and evolution.

Through the years Art became my most important tool to assist me in this journey. Slowly it helped me to bring in the codes needed to heal my body & reconnect to my soul and remember my multi dimensional essence.. It brought me towards a place where I could finally start Expressing myself. All of myself. 

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