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Quantum Activation Art

We all have times where we feel stuck on our life's journey and there are many different ways to create forward movement for ourselves. 

Quantum Activation Art is of one themA tool that I developed over the years and has brought immens support in my personal journey.

As I connect with the quantum field, I bring in light codes through my artwork that will initate a process and movement of energy within you

The changes and activation it brings are sometimes subtle to notice, but will bring change over time. When working with the art it could support you in:

- feeling more connected to your soul essence (higher self)

- bring awareness and change in mental programming & behavioral patterns

- receive confirmation of intuitive dreams or message 

- bring rememberance & reconnection of specific soul aspects

- trigger emotional release & expansion

- bring balance, support & relieve in physical body

These activations are based on a channeled principle of Consious Evolution, where we move and transform energy through the stages of activation, release, integration and expansion. For more information on this process, check out my free download.

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