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Annelieke de Vries, Australia

"The service Hester offers goes beyond words, beyond description. Literally! Working her healing magick through visual art, she cleverly bypasses the ego and thinking mind and activates and rewrites physical and e-motional programs to facilitate deep and thorough clearing and healing on a core level. 

I have been fortunate to have worked with multiple activation art works made by Hester and each time the process and healing have been profound. When I receive the work, I gaze at it for a while and within minutes I can feel the frequencies and coding embedded in the art working with me. It triggers my higher self to take action and speak the light codes to further penetrate them into my being and on each occasion I have been able to access my holographic matrix to make adjustments as activated by the art, to facilitate my healing process. On the physical level, the art has triggered me into intuitive changes of my diet, supplements and meditation practices leading to further physical healing." 

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